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Set The Example

of Kids helping kids
From coast to coast, young americans are reaching out.

Robby, Johnny and Sarah wanted to do something to help orphans, so they saved their money and between the three of them gave enough money for one of our orphanages in Nicaragua to purchase blankets, sheets, pillow cases, and mosquito nets for the children.

Here are some of the Nicaraguan children with their new sheets, pillowcases, blankets and mosquito nets.

Below is Jose who's very happy
about getting his new sheets
and mosquito netting

Sarah, Johnny and Robby are changing lives! So can you.

"We are one world and these children are our children. Their fate is our fate, Each of us can make a difference.


Everyone can help to saves lives."--Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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changing lives

Ian is nine years old. He heard about children suffering in Afghanistan and wanted to do something about it.

He decided to draw pictures of cars and sell them to his friends and relatives. He then took that money and sent it to Children's Hunger Relief Fund, so we could use it to help children in Afthanistan.

The Afghan children on the right have nice, warm blankets for the winter because when many give a little, it turns into a lot. Thank you Ian for making a difference



More Kids Kelping Kids:

Creative Ideas
for kids to help other kids

You must be 18 years of age to give online, or you can ask have your parents do it for you.

Rachael and Christina saved up their money to help Afghan children

There generous donation helped feed many Afghan children.

Christina and Rachael also drew pictures and sent them to us and asked us if we could send them to Afghanistan for the children. It just so happened that we had a shipment going out the next week, and we were able to get the drawings to afghanistan. The girls wanted to cheer up the children in Afghanistan with their drawings, and they did. The children were extremely happy to receive drawings from kids in the US

Above is one of the drawings. As you can see below, this Afghan boy is holding it so Rachael and Christina can see that he received it.

Above are more children with
Christian and Rachael's drawings.

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